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Through transdisciplinary research and education, the Camas Prairie Cultural Ecosystems Collaborative (Camas Co-Lab) highlights and facilitates meaningful co-stewardship between Tribal communities and other caretakers of the increasingly rare Pacific Northwest prairies and oak woodlands. 


    About Camas Co-Lab    

The Camas Co-Lab is a transdisciplinary group of ecologists, educators, anthropologists, archaeologists, historians, ethnobotanists, and conservationists from academic, Tribal, non-profit and government agencies working together to identify the primary challenges to both harvesting camas (Camassia quamash & Camassia leichtlinii) and integrating Tribal priorities and practices into prairie management in western Washington. Our goal is to support increased access to, and consumption of camas and other first foods within Tribal communities using a participatory action research   framework.  

We believe that truly collaborative projects that take the well-being of all who inhabit and rely on camas prairie cultural ecosystems are acts of trust and reciprocity. This work inspires us to rethink our understanding of historic and current human relationships with camas prairies and the other non-human relatives that inhabit them.

Objective 1:

Support Tribal harvest and consumption of camas through increased access to harvesting areas, access maps, community gatherings and enhanced communications

Objective 2:

Integrate Tribal priorities and perspectives into prairie management decisions. 

Objective 3:

Improve understanding of the connections between Tribal health and camas prairie health through research and education.

Meet the Camas Co-Lab participants
Learn more about this cultural and ecological keystone species
Explore the beautiful prairies and oak woodlands of western Washington


Additional Resources


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Upcoming Events

March 31, 2020:

McMenamins Club History Pub presentation: 'Hidden Prairies of the Pacific Northwest' by Sarah Hamman at the Olympic Club Theatre, Centralia, WA

May 9, 2020:

Prairie Appreciation Day (Glacial Heritage Preserve, Littlerock, WA)

We will be hosting a spring camas harvest day - please stay tuned for the date and location!

    Contact Us!    

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San Francisco, CA  94158



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